About Us

Founded in 2015, Oly Services partners with petroleum companies committed to increasing efficiency and profits.

Commercial fueling has been evolving rapidly in the last decade as choices become more and more limited. With increased fees, limited controls, and "retail" competition squeezing profits more and more, today's jobber is hard-pressed to see its profits and business grow. Oly Services offers solutions that empower its customers to regain control of their transactions and network through a flexible technology platform.

Oly Services

Secure, reliable transactions on a flexible platform

Build Your Own

Form partnerships with other petroleum marketers to build your own network of sites.

Enhanced controls

Greater level of control on products and sites at the card level.

Real-time reporting

Transaction details as they happen at Oly sites ensure a greater level of customer service responsiveness.

Real-time Exceptions

Preset and customizable exceptions sent as they happen, as well as through reporting.

Low Fees

Our model is based on volume so our fees are low.

Secure Platform

Cloud-based secure servers ensure optimum uptime and safe transactional data.

  • Early Adopters

    We currently have a number of sites up testing new features with early adopters. At the conclusion of this period, we will open up enrollment to a broader clientele.


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