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The Best Antivirus

  • Steve Traversi
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  • 3/22/2017
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I work quite a bit with a company that has grown a great deal in the last few years. That growth has increased their public profile and made them a target for hackers.

Whereas their network is secured through firewalls, segmentation, antivirus, and stringent email filters (rejecting most attachments), they are still plagued with regular infections. The current strategy for prevention is a technical one and effectively shores up vulnerabilities as they happen. A recent virus came in the form of an attached html file and after cleaning up and isolating the infection, they changed their email security to block html files. 

From a purely technical standpoint, their IT team is doing almost everything they can. 

For as long as there has been hackers, there has been a human element to hacking. Whereas early hackers would use social engineering to learn about users and find ways to hack into their account, todays hackers rely on human behavior to deliver their payload. While antivirus programs can stop a majority of viruses, they can't stop people from, well, themselves.

The aforementioned company has been suffering mainly from ransomware and virus attacks that target its people. The hackers have figured out corporate org charts and key personnel so an email directed at the accounting group seemingly originating from the department director carries far more weight than some unknown random individual. Seeing an email from their boss, he/she opens up the attachment and the hacker owns them.

We developed the first set of training and now their IT is very engaged in educating their team members as ultimately your people are your best antivirus. If you have ingrained in each and every individual an "am I expecting this?" and "confirm with sender verbally first then open" mentality, the incidences will reduce if not disappear altogether.

If you would like more information on how to work with your own team in reducing virus and hacker risk, please contact us.